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Ram In the beginning, today's PACE team, a 'spin-off' of CYBELEC, was in charge of the design and development of several CNC systems for sheet-metal machining equipment such as press-brakes, shears, tube bending, clicking press and robot controls for their ex employer. The team designed the CNC software, developed its real-time task monitor, its supervisor, the DNC link and contributed to define the man-machine interface.

The worlds first CNC system featuring electronic-hydraulic regulation and synchronisation of the power cylinders was designed by Denis Poisat and implemented by CYBELEC. This system is still in use in present-day series. The work for their ex employer was also the subject of an report published at the international conference "JournÚes d'Úlectronique" 1985 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The common effort together with their ex employer produced the CNC 5000, CNC 6000, CNC 7000, DNC 7000 GRAPHIC, CNC 300, CNC ROBOT AID models, thousands of which were subsequently sold throughout the world.

King PACE developed the electronic mail program for the HERMES 60 and 61 word-processing software for OLIVETTI-HERMES in 1986/87. Every machine was delivered with this software.

From 1987 to 1989, in close collaboration, BALMER INFORMATIQUE SÓrl., PACE and VOLET designed and realised the "ready-to-use" APOLLON CNC based on a multiprocessor system with programmable automata for the coil winder transfer lines in the manufacture of electric coils, for the firm SARCEM in Geneva.

At the same time, the BALMER INFORMATIQUE SÓrl & PACE team was in charge of the development of a CNC for tool measuring for the firm of GALLAY in Geneva.

to be at your service Over the last 15 years, PACE consultant specialists work for the international firm CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES. They were involved namely in the development of control software for the machine axes, of the CAM display interface software OPTICT and of the programmable automata used for the tool manipulator EROWA. They were also active in the maintenance of the diagnostic software of all CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES machines.

In 1990, CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES appointed Denis Poisat to the position of consulting group leader for the development of CNC software for the high end machine FORM 1000 and the volume machine FORM 30.

PACE also developed, and later, maintained the FORM 20 software in collaboration with RAYCON during more than 12 years.

Japanese In her capacity as consultant specialist, from 1989 until the present day, Sylvie Bercovici has been working on several projects for CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES , namely, on the adaptation of the series 16-W CNC of FANUC (Japan) for use in the 300 and 500 series EDM wire machines, as also on a new "submerge" wire machine which was presented as a world "premiere" at JIMTOF in Tokyo in November 1996 and at the EMO in Hanover in September 1997.

Similarly, in collaboration with the firms CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES and NASSOVIA in Langen (Germany), Martin Gansner was involved in the design, the development and the adaptation of the power interface for the CHARMILLES spark generator (BOOSTERS) to the ECKELMANN CNC on "OPTIMAT" high end die-sinking machine.

Otto Rauchenberger Together with its associated companies and sub-contractors, PACE has 15 years of experience in the sale and installation of PC based computer equipment both with firms and private clients. The group markets the best and most up-to-date hard- and software available in the field today :
  • PC based industrial equipment (CNC, PLC, network, interface PCB, instrumentation)
  • PCs (notebook and desktop), accessories (storage and backup device, printer, scanner, modem, desktop publishing, multimedia)
  • Software for PC (operating system, multitask kernel, development system, internet tools, CASE, CAD, CAM, CAE, CIM)

Figure PACE specialists have acted as consultants and trainers and have drawn up technical reports for more than 50 firms in Switzerland and abroad.

Together with its associated companies and sub-contractors, PACE organises regularly courses and workshops in order to maintain and diffuse the group's know-how

Open CNC Fanuc Recently, in temporary work, PACE developed the software "TMC" under WINDOWS TM /OWL on the basis of existing software for the standardisation calibrator and very high precision measuring equipment at the firm SIP in Geneva.

CNC Fanuc 180i Together with its associated companies and sub-contractors, PACE introduces new products in the field of information technology and CNC. The group's activity covers product information, know how transfer (see courses and workshops) as well as marketing, development and regular service providing
  • Introduction of the last generation of CNC with open architecture, (i. e. PC based CNC, HP OAC, SINUMERIK 840C and D, FANUC Series 160/180 ) as well as intelligent PLC and CIM software
  • Wireless networks up to 10Mb/s (DNC and LAN) for CNC/PLC interconnections, flexible cells and plant wide data highways.